As one of the most successful and comprehensively equipped fabrication companies in the East Midlands we can offer a vast amount of in-house services, to satisfy your welding and fabrication needs.  We are competitively priced, health and safety conscious and our quality and service is second to none.

We have equipment and expertise to offer a vast variety of services.


Services we offer include:


  • Welding and Fabrication -  Highly skilled professionals and a vast array of equipment to ensure we can cater for all your requirements

  • Specialised Welding – Mild steel, cast steel, heat resistant stainless and more. We have years of experience in a variety of materials and techniques

  • Pressing – In house pressing with our 200 Tonne 4m Bed and 300 Tone 3.8m bed Presses.

  • Cutting – Using our ½” 10ft guillotine and Bandsaw machine as well as CNC plasma cutting too

  • Drilling and Shearing – Carried out in house with our Radio Arm Drill and a Kingsland hydraulic Ironworker

  • Rolling – In house equipment capable of rolling up to 3meter x 20mm

  • Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment – In House heat treatment using our 50 KVA 6way Transformer

  • Controlled Post Weld Cooling- Post weld cooling with our in house equipment

  • Profiling – In house CNC Plasma Profiling

  • Lifting – Our works is fully kitted out with a 5tonne and 10tonne crane. We have 6m under crane height